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One-to-one is THE ONE

I am going to share with you a funny anecdote from company life.

Before I get into it, I shall give you a little context. When you are a principal on one of our shows, you can have a very separate experience from the dancers in the ensemble. Your roles don’t necessarily cross on stage, and off stage you are in separate dressing rooms, so the time together is limited.

Quite a few years ago, we were touring the US and, outside of working hours, the principal/ensemble natural divide was quite established, and it didn’t bother anyone.

The principals’ group, not for choice of their own, had been named “The Inner Circle” for years.

I know, it sounds mean, but it really wasn’t. Our director tents to mostly hang out with principals in social events, because they are the people he has known for the longest, and he spends the most time with, in the rehearsal room.

Again, REALLY not mean… Just how naturally things occur.

*digging that hole deeper…*

I was part of the ensemble then, and most of my friends were fellow ensemble cast members, and whilst abroad, we needed a Whatsapp group to coordinate our plans.

Me, being the Whatsapp group queen that I am (fun fact), made the group and called it:


*dramatic music*

It’s humorous, right?! No malintent, no evilness. Just banter.

The Inner Circle didn’t think so… “How did they find out?” I hear you ask.

Well, I forgot to add one of my friends to the group. Probably because of that, he missed some of the O.C. plans and ended up hanging out with the I.C. (fuck knows how that came about) and told them about the group and proclaimed himself:


*you just got to love the innocence in sharing that*

He got me into some shit, but who cares. It was banter.

Was everyone in the ensemble in the O.C. group? No. Was everyone who wasn’t in the O.C. in the I.C? No. Did those that weren’t in either group get offended? Of course not.

In fact, those are the people I spent most time with one on one. They were actually the ones most similar to me. I love being part of something, and in a company, you are always in a group with massive personalities.

But I am at my best solo with another person. I can give them my full focus and, in that set up, the best parts of my personality come through.

What’s the conclusion?

I am the right woman for the job when it comes to one-to-one personal training.

Ha! I bet, you absolutely, 100%... saw that coming. You might as well book yourself in and find out…

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