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Welcome to Performers' Circle

Join a community of thriving dancers

My goal is to help professional dancers step onto stage with the confidence to deliver a powerful performance.

As a dancer myself, I understand the struggles of freelance dancers: keeping fit between jobs, going to class and gym regularly, handling rejections, trying to feel good in auditions, impressing directors. 

What if I told you that the solutions to these struggles start with confidence. 

Once you become part of the Performers' Circle, I will teach you how to implement new behaviours that meet the lifestyle standards of a professional dancer. You will learn about training, nutrition, recovery and self reflection. 

These programmes are not just about sets and reps. This is an opportunity to evolve into the performer that thrives during auditions or on stage. Are you ready to have the career you always wanted?

1:1 Training : Services

Audition Prep

This 4-week intensive programme designed to help dancers who struggle to get into a successful training routine and find themselves lacking confidence in their ability. This programme teaches you the fundamental lifestyle habits that keep a dancer focused and physically prepared for auditions and jobs.

Curtain Up

This 12-week programme is designed for dancers who are choosing to step into audition and rehearsals room with confidence and ownership. This programme is designed for strong minded dancers, committed to be the best performers they can possibly be! 

Aelite dance athletes.

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